Megan Hurrell


Meg is a true blue Mainer, born and raised. After graduating from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Arts in New Media, she interned in Los Angeles at M.E.G.A. media, where she worked as a second editor. From there, she did a designer apprenticeship at Shamrock Sports and Entertainment in Portland before working at a small agency as a new media designer where she did branding, web design, photography, videography, animation, and podcasting. At Helm she’s a valued member of the design team with a knack for connecting the visual dots for clients, from developing brand identities to strategizing thoughtful marketing collateral. Offline, she and her boyfriend, Damian, are overseeing the build of a new house in Windham where they’ll live with their Bernese Mountain Dog, Waylon. When she’s not building brands or planning for her future home, she’s either doing something sporty, cooking, crafting with her Cricut, or filming a wedding.


…overuse exclamation points!!!